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Exam is around the corner :'(
Sunday, 20 May 2012 | 02:38 | 0 BlackWhite

Assalamualaikum. Hey stalker. Exam is around the corner babe. I hope this mid year test would be better than March test. Huhh :| I should be a hardworking person like YOU. Yes YOU. Haha. I should do better. I want to make my parents and my teacher proud of me.

I can do Bahasa Melayu. Not to difficult and not to easy. English also I can do better. But, I'm not sure in Sejarah, Geografi and Pendidikan Seni. I think Pendidikan Seni is too difficult. I hope I can do the best. Hihi. This Monday, the exam is Pendidikan Agama Islam. I not sure that I can get A in that test. But, I will pray to Allah can explain my heart to do that. Amin.

This mid year test will take place from Thursday until Friday next week. Soooooooooo longg :| Oklah. I wanna get a shower. Bubyeee :*

#OhMyEnglishhh !

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